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Q: Can the 2-Wire Villa System release 2 locks?
A: Yes, we supply 2 unlocking buttons to unlock 2 locks.

Q: How many Indoor Monitors and Outdoor Stations can be connected in your 2-Wire Villa System ?
A: Max 3 Indoor Monitors and 2 Outdoor Stations. Or you can connect one Outdoor Station.

Q: Are your all kinds of outdoor stations water-proof?
A:Yes, all our outdoor stations are water-proof, up to IP55, including Audio & Video outdoor stations. 

Q: Does your outdoor station open the door with dry contact?
A:Yes, correct. While for 2 wires, can connect with an extra door lock unlock by 13.8V electricity. 

Q: Do you have metal outdoor station like aluminum?
A: Yes, we produce both aluminum and stainless steel outdoor stations.

Q: Do you have 4-wire villa system with touch screen?
A: Yes, they are our popular solution.

Q: One of our big customer looking for the 2-wire villa system with intercom between 2 audio phones, please confirm it is ok or not?
A: Yes, it is ok.

Q: We are interesting your TCP/IP system,could you explain us that what are the main functions and features of this system?
A: The functions and features include: A. Calling/Talking/Unlocking B. Intercom between apartments. C. No busy line during the operation D. Second-confirm outdoor station for option  E. Guard station or PC software for option F. 6-zone alarms for option  G. With smart home connector

Q: We need the Access Control installed in the car entrance system, please confirm the effective distance?

A: The effective distance is 20M max.

Q: Do your company accept OEM,ODM or SKD?
A: Yes, we cooperated with so many partners with OEM,ODM and SKD for 18 years.

Q: One of our customers installed your cat5 one cable building system 266 apartments last year, now this customer hope to add 120 Skybox, can we do that?
A: Yes, skybox is an option for customers, they can add whereever they need.  With the Skybox, users can control the intercom by smart phone or tablet. 

Q: Can your 2 –wire video system compatible with your 2-wire audio system? 

A: No, they are not compatible.

Q: How is the max working distance from the outdoor station to the last indoor monitor?
A: For 2-wire villa system, or 4-wire villa system the max working distance is 70m with 0.5mm s.q cable.

Q: We are from UK, we installed your 2-wire video system(touch screen)in 2008,now,I hope to add more one indoor monitor, can you tell me how I can get them?
A: Yes, you can. Our regional manager who is in charge of UK market will contact you within 24 hours, If you need any help more, please contact us again with thanks. More information to you, our 2-wire video system can connect Max 2 outdoor station and 3 indoor monitors.

Q: We hope to become your exclusive agent in South Africa, you have the exclusive agent there or not? What is the terms and conditions?
A: No, we have sold our product from the year of 2004,but no exclusive agent there yet. So you can discuss with us about the terms and conditions.

Q: Norway is far from China, what is your after-service policy?
A: 2 year warranty period.

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